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Up-Coming Events

Want to meet Sam Burlum? Want to be a part of the discussion? Then check out the list of events where Sam Burlum will be a guest speaker, or interviewed by the media, or you can speak with Sam Burlum directly and participate in one of his live discussions. Ask questions of his fellow colleagues or guests. Sam Burlum post his schedule of events for your convenience.

  • Green Lane with Sam Burlum

    Stay Tuned for Future Events.

    Sam Burlum shares his expertise, lessons learned, and industry knowledge as a guest speaker at related events throughout the year.  Also Sam Burlum will be hosting a “Town Hall” event and dinner event, where you will have an opportunity to participate in a Q-A session, discussing topics from environmental policy and green technology trends, to addressing issues and concerns that affect small businesses and community causes. We will be posting more information soon.

  • World Green Energy Symposium

    WGES 2015

    Sorry, you are too late. The World Green Energy Symposium was held on March 12, 2015, in Washington, DC, however if you did miss it, that is okay. Lucky for you we were able to film most of the event. You can watch Sam Burlum discussing “Transportation Solutions” in both of its parts at the following link:

  • Sam Burlum Guest Speaker

    Book Sam Burlum for Your Event

    Want to book Sam Burlum as a guest speaker at your up coming event? Or maybe you would like to have Sam Burlum share his knowledge and experience with your students?  Sam Burlum invites the opportunity to be a guest speaker at your industry trade/non-profit event; high school, college or university; or on your media show (radio/TV). Sam Burlum has spoken at a number of trade conferences, industry forums, and schools of thought, on subject matter ranging from from entrepreneurship, public policy intitiatives, green technology, international business, and more. To book Sam Burlum today go to the Contact page and provide us with your detailed request.

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