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Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning

It’s one thing for a small business to have a business plan or marketing plan, but as we all know, life can throw you a curve ball now and then, and well, taking us off course. Sam Burlum helps businesses set the stage and prepare for accelerated growth, using formulated controlled burst of success. Sam Burlum also helps your business prepare for those unexpected curve balls, and adjust for proper damage control measures and risk management, in the event your business experiences a crisis moment. A strategic plan postures your business to be flexible in an ever changing economic and geo-political business landscape, providing you the ability to have more than just one option to survive the storm; putting your business on the offense in the market.

What do you do if game “plan A” fails? Do you call it quits and accept defeat? Answer is NO! And to allow you to have the confidence to keep your vision moving ahead, Sam Burlum consults with you to develop multiple business strategies, so that you can execute “Plan B,” Plan C” and even “Plan D.” Most small business owners put themselves into a box, never allowing for change or alternatives that may allow for their business to blossom quicker than their original plan. Sam Burlum extensive knowledge will help you think outside the box and explore all of the possibilities in your final battle plan for your business.

Sam Burlum helps address the following areas in your Strategic Business Plan:

1). Rule of Governance: How your business will operate; policy and procedures that can be instituted that will allow for you and your company’s leadership, management, staff, vendors-suppliers, fulfill the vision and purpose of your business. Sam Burlum will work with you to develop an operating agreement, company handbook, policies, procedures, and practices that keep your business of the business within an orderly framework.

2). Operations: Sam Burlum takes an in depth look at how your business functions, evaluating areas of non-performance and fiscal waste. Sam Burlum assists you to streamline your operational systems and processes, so you can re-allocate the best use of your time and financial resources toward product/service development and client acquisition. Operations are meant to support your client’s needs, not take away from your ability to get clients.

3). Marketing: This is the area that businesses spend the least amount of time and money on, however it is the area that needs the most attention so that your business’s message is properly conveyed to potential clients. Is your message currently being lost in the sauce of so many other advertisements? Do you have the right call to action? Sam Burlum helps you stand out from the crowd so that your message can be heard.

4). Continued Education: Most business owners feel once they have put the open sign in the window, that it is time to stop learning. A business owner needs to continue their education to have a competitive advantage in their industry. Sam Burlum teaches you about important reference materials, seminars, workshops, to develop a furthered trust with your clients. You can never have enough of the right credentials.

5). Proforma: You need to have a measure of your goals and successes. Sam Burlum offers you variety of metrics tools that will help you gauge your growth, continued client acquisitions, and measure the best use of your time and resources in reaching your target market. Sam Burlum believes it’s not about the quantity of how many clients you have, but the quality of the clients, and proforma metrics allow you to stay on target of getting the right clients.

6). Continued Product/Service Development: Sam Burlum does not focus directly on being competitive, but on being creative. Having a competitive edge may come from within your creative essence to offer a new product or service, not yet offered in your industry space. Sam Burlum assists you in developing a plan that allows you to dedicate focus toward product/service expansion. Sam Burlum helps you with a plan that builds credibility around your new product/service.

7). Building Your Team: Sam Burlum believes you don’t need the best players you need the right players on your team. Sam Burlum assists you in setting up practices that will allow you to recruit professional expertise beyond your current business and social circles for short term and long term staffing needs. You will have to delegate tasks onto others; one of the hardest things a business owner struggles with.

8). Long Term Exit Strategy: Most business owners begin a business without the end game in mind. What is it that you would like to see from your business a year from now? Five years from now? Ten or even twenty years from now? Are you going to groom your children to take over the business, or are you going to merge your company with another? When would you like to retire? Have you put any thought into selling your business?