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Business Strategy & Consulting Services

Copy Writing and Content Strategy


Have you ever wondered how some businesses have much higher presence online, or on social media, or even in the news? Much of this is due to a strong focus on copy writing and content strategy. What is copy writing? Copy writing is the process of authoring information for the purpose of educating a specific audience that will eventually lead them to a call of action. Sam Burlum provides Copy Writing services for a number of areas: text and content for website, press releases, marketing and advertising pieces, and even ghost writing of articles and publications. Sam Burlum leverages his press credentials to help your business get media exposure of your business event, announcement, and/or special interest subject matter.

Continued Content Strategy includes the integration of a short term and long term marketing plan that includes content creation via written copy, video, audio, and photography that can be repurposed for a business to syndicate on its social media pages, websites, monthly newsletters, and mobile media platforms; to consistently engage current clients and potential future consumers in a conversation which gets them excited about the business’s/company’s products and/or services. Such content is crafted and created to include the message and branding about your business; educational materials to establish you as the local go to expert; and validate the value your business creates in its product/services offerings.

Sam Burlum performs a series of due diligence research practices which consist of a SWOT analysis, competition review, mixed with a series of internal interviews with key management, staff, and other stakeholders. This data is utilized in crafting content that will appeal to mixed and specific audiences depending on the individual content. Sam Burlum will help integrate your short term and long term content strategy, thus increasing your SEO rankings, frequency of likes on social media, and positive product reviews.

From authoring a series of articles and press releases to writing content for websites; Sam Burlum provides Copy Writing and Content Strategies for any type of business, company, industry sector. Contact Sam Burlum today for your free project estimate.