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Business Development

Business Development

No one likes being “sold” to, but consumers enjoy being empowered to make a purchasing decision. The difference between “sales” and business development is the process in which a lead is generated, a potential client is supported, how a relationship is developed and continued with the client, and the science in which the client spreads your message about your business for you.

Have you ever tried to sell something to a potential client, and they told you “no?” No means that you did not provide enough information to the potential client, or you did not spend enough time in building a relationship, to get to know their true needs or problem. The decision to say “no” also stems from not having enough creditable evidence that your product or service has value in their eyes. You might also be speaking with the wrong person, so how do you develop a bond with the right decision maker so that you can hear “yes” when it comes to the potential client making a choice to purchase your product or service?

Sam Burlum helps address the following area of Business Development:

1). The Right Client: How do you reach the right client and the right decision maker? Sam Burlum teaches you the value of research, to prepare you for targeting your plan of client acquisition where you will receive more results. A well sharpened ax cuts threw a tree faster than a dull one, so Sam Burlum assists you to sharpen your ax increasing your focus of time and resources in the right direction of who will want to purchase your products/services.

2). Relationship Building: People purchase products and services more times than not, from those other people they know and trust. What are the little things that you can do to build a report with someone beyond the target of just the initial sale? Most sales people forget that 80% of their business comes from 20% of their leading clients. It’s important to establish a long term relationship so that clients continue to buy from you.

3). Public Relations: What are you doing to keep your name and good reputation in the public eye? What are the reminders that tell your current clients and new potential clients that they need to patron your store? You do not need to spend large advertising budget dollars to have an effective public relations campaign. Sam Burlum shares concepts that will help your business develop good will in the community, and gain positive attention.

4). Leveraging Sam Burlum’s Relationships: Sam Burlum is well connected and can help you reach potential clients. Or maybe you need a reference for legal counsel or a CPA to assist with your business tax. Sam Burlum can connect you with other professionals that can fill the voids in your business needs, potential suppliers who will offer you the best prices.

5). Community Investment: What are you doing to make your business an asset in your local or regional community? Sam Burlum believes every business should have a plan for giving back. Not only does giving back by either volunteering your time or resources build good will, people will remember that it was your business that helped someone else in their time of difficulty. Sam Burlum exercises the law of giving in order to receive.

6). Strategic Partnerships: A business that excels in its niche never has to feel threatened by working with another business in its industry. As a small business it is difficult to provide for every need of your client, so how do you best serve your client when you can’t? Strategic partnerships allow you to meet the needs of your client while providing them a broader scope of options. Sam Burlum advises you how to partner with other businesses.

7). Approaching Your Target Market: Are your potential target market general consumers, or do you offer your products and services business to business? Maybe you have hopes in obtaining a government contract. Regardless of whether you’re a business direct to consumer, business to business, or business to government revenue model, Sam Burlum guides you in the best approach in developing client acquisition and long term market position.

8). Passive Sales: The life and blood of any business is cash flow. Every business needs a stream of “passive sales,” sales in which happen on a reoccurring basis and sales that fulfill themselves. Is your business set up with its product or services made available on Do you have an e-commerce site? Do you have any internet based sales plan? Sam Burlum will work with you to develop a plan of “passive sales”.