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Business Strategy & Consulting Services


All small businesses deserve a strategic advantage. After all, you decided to take a risk, putting your financial resources, time, and reputation on the line. Don’t you think that your business is worth having someone in your corner to assist you to become more profitable? That is where Sam Burlum comes in. Sam Burlum offers Business Strategy and Consulting Services in the areas of Strategic Business Planning, Business Development, Supply Chain Management, and Systems Integration. Sam Burlum lends its knowledge to assist you in building a solid foundation that will provide the platform of transforming your vision into a reality. Just take a moment click on the areas below, for a more of a deeper look, of why Sam Burlum is a value to you and your business.


  • Strategic Business Planning

    Strategic Business Planning

    It’s one thing for a small business to have a business plan or marketing plan, but as we all know, life can throw you a curve ball now and then, and well, taking us off course. Sam Burlum helps businesses set the stage and prepare for accelerated growth, using formulated controlled burst of success. Sam Burlum also helps your business prepare for those unexpected curve balls, and adjust for proper damage control measures and risk management, in the event your business experiences a crisis moment.

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  • Business Development

    Business Development

    No one likes being “sold” to, but consumers enjoy being empowered to make a purchasing decision. The difference between “sales” and business development is the process in which a lead is generated, a potential client is supported, how a relationship is developed and continued with the client, and the science in which the client spreads your message about your business for you.

    Have you ever tried to sell something to a potential client, and they told you “no?” No means that you did not provide enough information to the potential client,…

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  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

    If you have a product based business, where do you being to source your inventory? If you provide your own unique product or service, and want to have a competitive manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP), how do you source your raw materials? Are you going to manufacture your product or will it be cost effective to have a third party manufacturer your product? What are your economies of scale that will allow you to balance cost versus your margins?

    Supply Chain Management can be a very involved process, and your cost will determine your profits…

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  • System Integration

    System Integration

    There are two things that make a business run efficiently, people and systems. A business can have the most talented people on its team, but without systems, a team cannot properly function, communicate, or complete its task. As a small business owner, is a matter of priority of where you begin. From basic accounting measures to inventory controls, systems are utilized to automate processes that save you time and money.

    Most small businesses invest little or no upfront cash into the basic systems to manage their operations and…

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  • Sam Burlum Guest Speaker

    Guest Speaker

    Interesting in booking Sam Burlum as a guest speaker at your up coming event? Or maybe you would like to have Sam Burlum share his knowledge and experience with your students?  Sam Burlum invites the opportunity to be a guest speaker at your industry trade/non-profit event; high school, college or university; or on your media show (radio/TV). Sam Burlum has spoken at a number of trade conferences, industry forums, and schools of thought, on subject matter ranging from from entrepreneurship, public policy intitiatives, green technology, international business, and more. To book Sam Burlum today go to the “Contact” page and provide us with your detailed request.

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