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Sam Burlum’s Story


Sam Burlum began just as you did…with an idea and a vision of what he wanted to be “when he grew up.” Sam’s vision led him to becoming a career entrepreneur; having started a number of small businesses with success, and then founded a company that today has a global reach. Sam is an investigative reporter, who has brought to light concerns of public debate into the court of public opinion in the areas of the transportation industry, energy sector, environmental preservation, emerging technology, and he has addressed the issue over burdensome regulation that now hampers small business growth; known for his column, The Green Lane,” syndicated in print and on-line. Burlum serves as a community advocate, where he has lent his time and expertise to a number of non-profit community causes that assist veterans, arts and humanities, and education. Sam continues to serve the business community as an advocate and voice of small business, spreading the message of the value of entrepreneurs before our nation’s leadership.

Mr. Burlum founded his first business in 1992 with nothing more than just $500 of start-up cash, his gut instincts, a willingness to work harder than others around him, and pure determination to make it. After an almost a twenty year career in in the construction, property management, and horticulture industry, he found himself at a cross roads. Having an astute awareness of his surroundings, Sam noticed a changing landscape in our nation’s economy. There were a number of factors that began to attribute to the decline of what was once a thriving industry, but none more than the challenge of rising energy cost. What was he to do? Sam could try to cut corners with his business and offer less service for more money, or he could leverage his knowledge in becoming a part of the solution.

Sam had an opportunity to transfer his current skill sets at that time to an emerging industry; the green technology sector. This was a bigger job than just of what one man could handle. Since his fellow colleagues and himself were involved in local and regional motorsports, Sam felt they could bring their minds and efforts together in researching and developing a better means to this developing social and economic problem. They were offered an opportunity to become a third party research and development team that studied and improved upon alternative fuel delivery systems in the transportation sector; including hydrogen, propane, natural gas, and battery technologies; and served a number of tech companies and product manufacturers. This was the beginning of Extreme Energy Solutions.

EES (Extreme Energy Solutions) understood the core issue with delivering such technology to market, and that the average consumer was not ready for such drastic change. EES felt the industry players at that time did not have the best interest of their clients in mind, so in 2009, they decided to separate ourselves from the rest of the industry. By the beginning of 2010, Extreme Energy Solutions launched their own product line, the Smart Emissions Reducer, aimed at reducing harmful vehicle emissions; and increase engine fuel efficiency; and today is being considered for mass market adoption by engine/vehicle manufacturers around the world. Extreme offers other environmentally friendly products, such as Extreme Kleaner, found in selected name brand retailers throughout the United States.

Today, Sam Burlum serves as CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., located in Ogdensburg, New Jersey, while also serving as: Vice President of Smart Air Fuel Saver LLC; Committee Member of the Green Fleet Task Force for Sustainable Jersey; Leadership Council Member of the National Small Business Association; Managing Director and Business Development Consultant for ESLC Inc.; and is an investigative reporter who author’s the column The Green Lane.Sam graduated from Berkeley College with a degree in Business Management; and he is a recognized public speaker on subject matters related to his career; featured and interviewed in a number of print publications, on radio, and television, including the program on Today in America,hosted and narrated by NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw, which aired on the Discovery Channel. Sam is also recognized by the People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation as an Unsung Hero (Class of 2014), and honored with formal awards both the World Green Energy Symposium (NOVA Award), and Passaic Valley FOP #181 via Proclamation.

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