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New Business Service Package

Business package

Sam Burlum is proud to announce its newest service offering: New Business Service Package. Most individuals interviewed by Sam Burlum have expressed how overwhelmed and intimidated they are when it comes to officially registering their business. Sam Burlum has also observed many small start-up businesses which dove right into opening their doors without having their foundation properly built. Some of the most important foundational blocks to any corporation, limited liability company, sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership, and/or a not for profit club is the Operating Agreement.

An Operating Agreement is the rule of governance in which the business and its executives/management conducts its daily affairs. The core reason why so many business partnerships go a rye is for the simple fact that most businesses do not have a strong Operating Agreement which protects the interest of each party involved. Other foundational pieces which any business should have recognized before they even place in the window their “open” sign are a series of resolutions that memorialize ownership interest, capital contributions, signing power and authority within the business, and a number of other concerns which seem to always be overlooked until there is a difference of opinion between business partners.

Even if you are a single sole proprietor, Sam Burlum highly suggest that you protect your interest in the same way as if you did have a business partner or number of partners. Sam Burlum’s New Business Service Package was designed to save you money and provide you the tools necessary to establish a solid foundation within the “business of your business” so you can then focus on marketing and sales of your company’s offerings; without the concern of how the pie will be divided once your business is profitable.

All of the following is included in Sam Burlum’s New Business Service Package:

  • Initial Business Registration in a preferred state that offers the best protection for your company;
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (Tax ID Number);
  • Operating Agreement custom tailored for your specific business needs;
  • Resolutions which memorialize and recognize ownership position, signing authority within the business, executive/management powers, capital contributions, and other important factors specific to your business;
  • Employee Handbook ;
  • Employee Contracts-Agreements;
  • Independent Contractor Agreements;

These services are not just limited to New Businesses or Start-up Companies. If your small business does not have any of these items, we can help you institute these items so you may begin to enjoy peace of mind that unfinished business is taken care of, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Call Sam Burlum today to get started; let him relieve you of the burden so you can focus on the parts of the business you really enjoy!