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Business Strategy & Consulting Services


Q. What is a strategic business plan and why do I need one?

A. A strategic business plan is a coordinated group of systems and processes that is the roadmap in which your business will operate, offer its products and services to market, handle both growth and crisis that assist in furthering the vision and purpose of the business and its leadership. Unlike a general business plan that is very rigid and pointed, a strategic plan takes into account multiple circumstances and offers more flexibility for the business to adapt to market conditions, while better managing risk. If your business offers an innovative product or service, where your business faces multiple barriers to entry, you may want to invest more time and resources into a strategic business plan.

Q. What is the difference between business development and sales?

A. Business development is the mechanism that allows your business to develop relationships with the right clients, industry partners, vendors and suppliers, with the long term vision in mind. Sales are the process in which you are closing the deal, monetizing the relationships your business has developed and established over time. Sales will come naturally if you have the right business development strategy in place.

Q. Why should my business pay close attention to supply chain management?

A. There is an old saying in business, “to make money is to save money,” meaning that if you do not have a handle on your cost, you will not experience the desired result in your profit margins. Your business needs to be very clear in its expectations to its suppliers and vendors, resulting in your business needs being met within a budget that helps you get the most out of your financial resources. If gone unchecked, cost can runaway with the bank, burning up your valuable cash, time, and dedicated efforts away from client acquisition.

Q. How do I know what systems I should integrate to make my business more profitable?

A. There are many areas of a business that should be investigated to determine which processes can be automated or better refined with the integration of systems or technology. Today there are hundreds of programs that can aid a business in streamlining its form and functionality. The question becomes where to begin. The most basic areas to be addressed are financial controls and inventory accounting systems. Each business will need a different set of combined systems depending on how big or small its product line may be, the number of employees a business may have, how many vendors your business must manage. Systems save you time and money.

Q. Why is it smart idea to hire a business consultant?

A. Most business consultants have gained valuable experience in the business world as once they were an employee, employer, former executive, and or successful entrepreneur. When you are shopping for additional expertise to be a part of the team, but do not have the capital to hire a full time employee or are just looking to hire someone in the interim, consultants provide this very valuable service. Most consultants come to your door with a book of business with a list of potential clients that may be the right fit for your product or service. Most consultants are entrepreneurs themselves, and therefore they have a greater appreciation for the value of time and financial resources. Maybe your business is an upstart, and you need to put together a transitional team, who will be there to help you lay the foundation, which provides you the luxury of time, in searching for that right long term team to manage or support your business.

Q. What can I expect when I hire Sam Burlum?

A. Sam Burlum offers a full service business strategy and consulting services firm, that acts as your advisor on as many business issues and goals of your choosing. Sam Burlum will be your advocate, your coach and your cheerleader, who works with you and for you; leaving to you complete control of your business to manage. Sam Burlum will share its knowledge and will share with you the knowledge of his project partners, aimed at elevating your business closer to your vision. Sam Burlum will dedicate time to your business based on the level of service you choose to receive. Sam Burlum will provide regular project progress reports, and participate in one-on-one meetings so you are informed of expected results. Sam Burlum operates by his core values, and you can expect first class service, with your business’s best interest in mind.

Q. Does Sam Burlum have the time to help me with my business?

A. Sam Burlum is very selective in the number of clients and projects he takes on at any given time. Sam Burlum allocates the appropriate amount of time toward your business needs. Sam Burlum understands time is money, and he has a system that focuses the best use of his time and resources in serving his clients. If Sam Burlum cannot take on your project, he will refer you to one of his preferred project partners based on the exact need(s) of your business.

Q. Can I afford to hire Sam Burlum?

A. Sam Burlum rates will vary from project to project. Each business project can be segmented into phases, in a formal agreement with Sam Burlum. Sam Burlum offers discounts for long term contracts. Sam Burlum offers affordable payment schedules, and will tailor your needs within your budget. Sam Burlum also offers alternative options to the standard fee and retainer schedule. Sam Burlum will consider discounts in fees and retainers in lue of other delayed gratification options, such as “sales commissions,” or “performance bonuses,” allowing you to conserve working capital for operations and marketing. An investment in Sam Burlum is a small price to pay to have his knowledge and connections in your corner.