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Sam Burlum Audio Interviews

Did you miss the radio interview featuring Sam Burlum? If you missed it, we provide you the latest audios for you to listen in on your own time. As a guest on many radio shows, and digital media, Sam Burlum has been a sought out authority to discuss issues on industry concerns, controversial regulation, and the latest on innovative technology. Sam Burlum also host an open source discussion where you can join in. Listen in or download.

Al Cole Interview Series #1 – Who is Samuel K. Burlum?

Al Cole Interviews Samuel K. Burlum, discusses his personal history, what drives Samuel Burlum, and the positive influences that helped shape Sam Burlum to whom he is today.

Al Cole Interview Series #2 – Smart Emissions

Al Cole dives into the story on how Samuel K. Burlum began to commercialize the Smart Emissions Reducer Technology, starting with fleets regulated under the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission.

Al Cole Interview Series #3 – Energy Solutions for the Future

Extreme Energy Solutions CEO and President, Samuel K. Burlum, shares with radio show host Al Cole, about steps that Burlum took to grow the Company, and what Sam Burlum is doing to make Extreme Energy Solutions a leader in the green tech industry.

Al Cole Interview Series #4 – The Media – Who Are You Listening To?

Samuel K. Burlum, from the perspective as an investigative reporter, provide insight on media and market statistics and trends relating entrepreneurs with radio talk show host Al Cole.

Al Cole Interview Series #5 – The Spirit of the Arts Foundation

Al Cole investigates into the work Samuel Burlum was doing as Board Secretary of Spirit of the Arts Foundation, taking a deeper look into the importance of perserving the arts and humanities.

Al Cole Interview Series #6 – The Possibilities of Energy, Diversity and Equality into the Future

Al Cole and Samuel K. Burlum explores possiblities regarding green technology, energy, diversity, and equality based on industry and social trends.

Allen Smith of Truth About Trucking Exclusive Interview with Sam Burlum


Kjelene of NTR Radio interviews Sam Burlum

Kjelene of NTR Radio Network interviews Samuel K. Burlum in this steller discussion regarding his role and influence at Extreme Energy Solutions.

Kjelene of NTR interviews Sam Burlum and Jennifer Miller

Kjelene of NTR Radio interviews Samuel K. Burlum and Jennifer Jean Miller in discussing expansion of The Alternative Press in Sussex County.