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Did it Really Work?

  • Did-it-Really-Work?

    For the first time since 2009, Samuel Burlum will publicy discuss the controversial matter of whether or not the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) kit really worked, featured in Dateline’s story, “Car device seller’s scheme unravels.” Exclusive Report investigates into the matter, reverse engineering the Dateline segment. will demonstrate how the story’a agenda was crafted to defame the HAFC, other like technology, and the folks involved in the industry who could make the device work. We will take a 2004 Honda Accord, identical in specification of the vehicle used in the Dateline segment, and put it through a series of testing to see whether the HAFC does work, and if Dateline purposefully skewed test results to not reveal the technology’s true potential. This report will consist of a video series which will document every step of the HAFC installation and tuning process, road test, and commentary from experts, providing insight whether the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell works.

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