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System Integration

System Integration

There are two things that make a business run efficiently, people and systems. A business can have the most talented people on its team, but without systems, a team cannot properly function, communicate, or complete its task. As a small business owner, is a matter of priority of where you begin. From basic accounting measures to inventory controls, systems are utilized to automate processes that save you time and money.

Most small businesses invest little or no upfront cash into the basic systems to manage their operations and production of products of goods and services. Having to upgrade every time your business faces another phase of growth can be a daunting and costly task. To avoid these road blocks and allow your business to be better prepared for its next phases of expansion or client growth, we advise you in key areas of must have systems.

Sam Burlum helps you address the following area of Systems Integration:

1). Financial Controls: One of the most critical areas of systems is your financial software. It’s what you will need to keep track of billing clients, paying expenses, manage cash flow, and evaluate valuable financial data on how your business is performing. Sam Burlum will assist you in selecting the right software that will allow you to grow your business without having to re-establish your financial system and control every time you expand your business.

2). Inventory Controls: One of the most valuable management tools for a product based business is an automated inventory control system. Integrated with your financial controls, this will allow you to track raw materials throughout the manufacturing process to the point of delivery to your client. Sam Burlum will provide you a list of options depending on your industry space and the requirements of your clients.

3). Back Office Support: Every small business owner knows time is money. The more time you spend on supporting your management and staff is less time you can dedicate to client acquisition. Creating a back office support tool will help your staff to access resources and tools with limited guidance. It is also a way for you to monitor your staff’s performance with minimal effort. Sam Burlum will introduce you to options that allow you to provide internal support.

4). Communications Support: You do not have to be a technology company to use technology within your business. Most business owners and managers spend up to 50% of their time communicating to their staff, clients, suppliers, and stakeholders. Sam Burlum provides you valuable technology that will accelerate your ability to communicate your message effectively and accurately with your clients, management, and staff.

5). Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Some businesses do not need to manage their relationships with their clients. However if you are a business where you have dedicated sales representatives or business development staff, you will need a system that keeps them on task and on target in the sale process with their many potential clients. Sam Burlum utilizes multiple CRM tools from the very basic, to custom platforms designed to manage your client relationships.

6). Media Tools: Does your business have an important event scheduled that you need a target audience to be informed of? Do you have a new product launch or promotion scheduled to hit the shelves of your distribution points. Maybe your business is trying to overcome a piece of negative media or a bad review. Sam Burlum has access to a number of tools that will allow your business to maximize your exposure on the news wires.

7). Human Relations (HR): Hiring staff for your small business can be a stressful process. Once you have staff to lead and manage, you need to be aware of their rights as an employee. Having staff puts your small business at a level of risk, and you need to have the process and practices in place handling employee who needs to be disciplined in the workplace. Sam Burlum offers a system that protects and limits your business from such risk.

8). Crisis Management: Do you have a playbook that spells out step by step, what a manager or employee should if ever in the event of…? Every leader has that secret play book of who to contact when an emergency arises; or how to handle the press when they unexpectedly show up at your door. How do you handle a shipment of product to a client that just became destroyed in the process of delivery?

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