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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

If you have a product based business, where do you being to source your inventory? If you provide your own unique product or service, and want to have a competitive manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP), how do you source your raw materials? Are you going to manufacture your product or will it be cost effective to have a third party manufacturer your product? What are your economies of scale that will allow you to balance cost versus your margins?

Supply Chain Management can be a very involved process, and your cost will determine your profits. Every business, regardless of a product or service offer, is reliant on other product or service providers for its own operational needs. From insurance to raw materials, from business cards to product packaging, every time you write a check to another entity supplying your business with a need, is a vendor. To maximize your profits you will need an effective way to manage your business’s spending habits, buying power, while getting exactly what you need in order to deliver to your client’s expectations.

Sam Burlum helps you address the following area of Supply Chain Management:

1). Raw Material Acquisition: Every part of your product, including the actual consumable to its packaging begins with raw materials. Sam Burlum assists you in writing a product specification requirement sheet, allowing your business to put out to bid process the acquisition of raw goods/services from the right supplier for the right price. Sam Burlum teaches you how to use your proforma to project cost/margins, allowing your business have the advantage of volume discounts.

2). Local Supply Chains: Have you ever calculated the true cost of ordering a business need from overseas or from a major retailer versus having it fulfilled closer to home? Sam Burlum provides you a metrics of considerations that will allow you to explore local suppliers as a viable option in meeting some of your business needs. Sam Burlum also shows you how to leverage your relationship of your local suppliers to reach other potential clients.

3). Competitive Bid Process: It’s your business, and therefore you need to be writing the rules. Do you want the best prices and the most loyal of suppliers to serve your company, then you need to establish a competitive bid process. A bid process not only allows you to save money or time, but keeps your suppliers honest with your best interest in mind. Sam Burlum will assist you set up guidelines on how to set up this process, allowing your business to keep cost down.

4). Best Industry Practices: Most small businesses do not have a written code of ethics for their own internal use, nor do they have a code of ethics for their suppliers and vendors to follow. With new regulations hitting the books each year, your business needs to consider establishing guidelines of Best Industry Practices in which your suppliers and vendors vow to abide by in supplying your business with its needs. Sam Burlum provides you with guidance in this area.

5). Logistics and Shipping: How do you best manage how to get your raw materials and finished goods and services from factory into the hands of your customers. Some businesses need more consideration than others. Shipping and warehousing cost can eat into your margins. Sam Burlum is here to help you to negotiate the best options and pricing in providing shipping, delivery, order fulfillment, and other logistical needs.

6). Shared Services: A small business does not always have the buying power it needs to get the best deal from its suppliers. Sam Burlum has refined the shared services model, where multiple small businesses can agree to contract the same supplier/vendor to fulfill its needs, thus collectively sharing volume discounts and advantages. From shared office to shipping and logistics, every area of business offers an opportunity to partner to save money on cost.

7). Automate Your Supply Chain: Managing your suppliers and vendors can be a full time job, including all the support they will need in order to help you meet your expectations. There are systems and processes you can implement in order to streamline your relationship with your suppliers, and gain a better perspective of the expected time of delivery. Sam Burlum will work with you to develop such systems.

8). “MADE IN THE USA”: Are you passionate about having your product and or business support needs manufactured in the United States? Do you feel a patriotic obligation to source raw goods and services from your own back yard? Sam Burlum believes in the power and importance of “Made in America” and will assist you to connect you with potential raw material suppliers, vendors, and other professionals who aim to be “Made in the USA.”

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