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“Life in the Green Lane… in Pursuit of the American Dream”

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Life in the Green Lane

Sam Burlum now brings you, “Life in the Green Lane…In Pursuit of the American Dream,” which shares his story about his start in the green tech sector. Sam Burlum provides to you an inside look to what it really took to commercialize technology such as the Smart Emissions Reducer, and discusses what really happened behind the scenes during his early days of involvement with the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell.

 And this is my story…

Life in the Green Lane is more than just a book written to entertain you. This is a true story about one of the largest open source research projects in post-modern times, that was responsible for spurring off the second coming of green technology revolution in the field of fuel economy. Led by a small group of people with a vision, they would take on the responsibility of legitimizing a movement into industry segment within the automotive and green tech sector. This story is an account of a series of events which triggered a subculture of inventors, inventors, patriots, green enthusiast, marketers, mechanics, business men, entrepreneurs, to take action setting out to do what was called “the impossible.” What was the impossible? To get fifty percent or more in fuel economy out of the current automobile with the help of a controversial technology; the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell (or HAFC for short).

The cast of characters from diverse backgrounds, come together to enhance the technologies capabilities as they each add their own ideas to the mix, allowing the HAFC to deliver far beyond the original expectations. The HAFC would soon become legend in specialized social circles; thus capturing the imagination of a few local race car hobbyist and car enthusiast.  They would later not just prove the technology could work; they would push the boundaries of HAFC. These individuals would later transform what was just a science project into a company that would become a leader in emissions reduction technology, by instituting new practices and methods on how to commercialize such technology.

So what would come of the device that was designed to wean us off the need of fossil fuel petrofuels? What would happen to the group of people whom came together in seeking energy and financial independence? As any new technology considered a market disruption, the HAFC would come under scrutiny of people mediocre minds, in which would lose either money, power, and control from the HAFC’s success. Life in the Green Lane discloses the devious recipe that is used by an adversarial authority in order to crush innovation that was intended to uplift humanity. And that is only half of the story.

Act two: includes a series of events in which another technology would begin to take hold; the Smart Emissions Reducer. Well do you remember those local race car hobbyist, and car enthusiast? Well they bounce back from a catastrophic media hit to usher in another technology that would deliver on two areas of technical competency; harmful vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency.

Outfitted with a business model designed to offer risk free discovery for specific consumer audiences, and armed with inventory, knowledge, and a vision, these individuals would aim their sights on seeing their vision of a Smart Emissions Reducer under the hood of every vehicle, which utilized and internal combustion engine, in the world. They aligned their product with public policy initiatives, creating their own wave of luck.

Tragically, they would be met with a similar skepticism, from powers at be who did not believe in the technology or by the Company’s driving force. The Company and its leadership would once again prove that these types of technologies were viable and worthy, while holding onto to their dream in seeing the Smart Emissions Reducer commercialized in the automotive industry.

The Company, Extreme Energy Solutions, and its founders, investors, and leadership would soon realize that the free enterprise was as free as we are lead to believe; that there is a steep price paid for success; especially when your product or service is a game changing market disruption; a threat to the very existence of the status quo. So do they “make it? Well must read Life in the Green Lane to find out.

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Purpose of This Story…

This purpose of sharing this story is more than just to entertain you. It is to provide you with a glimmer of hope that the American Dream is still alive and well; that against all odds, an individual with an idea, who is willing to accept total responsibility for the success of that idea, the actions which will bring forth one’s vision into a reality. However success comes with a price, some which one cannot put a dollar value on.

I hope to inspire you to take action to either investigate into the realm of what you have been told all your life was impossible; or for you to begin to open you mind in researching more into other technological advances once deemed a scam, or fraud, or dubbed “it didn’t work,” and consider the source in which made such claims. You may be quite surprised by what you find.

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Take a Drive in the Green Lane with the Author, Samuel K. Burlum

Life in the Green Lane is not for the weak at heart. This is a story, one that I have lived, which had its fair share of long days and even longer nights, tears shed, and friendships lost. It is a real experience that just less than ten years of my life was dedicated to. Life in the Green Lane would not exist if I quit in the middle of the race. Many times I contemplated the “what if,” and every time I had only one choice, to put step on the accelerator and continue on the path that it seems was part fate and part choice. I provide to you my thoughts and feelings as I had to contemplate each major decision to continue the journey.

I will walk you through the high stakes, high risk-high reward winner takes all journey in seeking what every entrepreneur seeks, their fair shake at a piece of the American Dream, while blazing a path in one of the most controversial industries still in its very infancy, the green technology sector. I will provide you valuable lessons learned of one entrepreneur’s journey, I will also provide you some insight to the side of the news big media fails to deliver; about the block by block fight in preserving our community and Main Street USA.

I encourage you to read this book in its entirety, knowing at the end you will have to make a choice just as I once did. If you choose to accept this story only for the entertainment value, then great. However I invite you to embrace and encourage others around you whom still have the guts to pursuit their dreams.

Life in the Green Lane has many undertones. A true to life David and Goliath story, I will be sharing with you thoughts and practices which bring into focus issues and solutions in the areas of environmental and economic public policy, technology, American Free Enterprise, and other issues.

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How Your Contribution will be put to Work: 

Your contribution will be utilized to help pre-sell copies of Life in the Green Lane, and assist with the initial editing cost, initial publishing cost, and to help absorb some of the cost of the design/layout of the cover, artwork, and photos.  Part of each sale’s proceeds will be donated to a few good causes. We will donate $1 from every sale of each book; to help disabled/homeless Veterans. Part of the books profits will also be donated to Extreme Energy Solutions legal fund in protecting its dream, discussed within the content of the book.

GET YOUR VERY OWN COPY TODAY of Life in the Green Lane

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