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About Sam Burlum

Sam Burlum

Facts: Small to medium businesses are the largest employer in America, responsible for over 60% of current employment. Most small to medium businesses have fewer than 500 employees. Many small to medium businesses utilize a network of outside professionals, consultants, and independent contractors filling voids to achieve goals and benchmarks, which account for 25% of business to business transactions. Small to medium businesses are also credited for contributing to over 50% of National Gross Domestic Product in the United States (1). Small businesses are the largest of consumer goods, and account for the majority of distribution points for good and services to reaching local and regional markets.

My Realization: With so much at stake, I decided to lend my expertise in becoming an advocate for Main Street America. As a career entrepreneur, investigative reporter, and community advocate, I understand the trials and challenges of being a business owner in today’s very hostile and competitive market. With so many details in growing a business, no one can do it alone. You need a team to help you deliver your message, goods and/or services, across the finish line. Through my own journey, and the story of my fellow colleagues, I have developed a formula that can help accelerate your business or company from out of the shadow of obscurity and onto the worldwide stage. I have launched both product and service driven businesses, from stardom to vast market launch, and are familiar with the road you have chosen. Truth be known, that most start-up businesses fail in the first 2 years of their existence. That is why it is so important to team up with someone who has what you want and is where you were and is now where you want to be, serving as a model of how the “impossible” can be achieved.

My Core Values: In today’s adversarial business environment I believe you do not have to abandon your core values, just to be successful.

• Through deploying technology, I assist you in innovating success. You don’t have to be a tech company to use technology to save you time and money.

• Every entrepreneur has an inspiring story, “the why they do what they do.” Your message needs to be reflected in every one of your customer’s experiences.

• Old fashioned business values still do exist, and the right client(s), staff, and investor(s) will appreciate the integrity that allows you run an honest enterprise.

• Your business is not just a way to make money, it’s your passion; your legacy. How do you want others to remember you and your business?

• We utilize a combination of experience, education, and resources and pass that knowledge onto you so you can fast track reaching your goals.

• The #1 reason people share with me of “why” they start their own business is the ability to have freedom: financial freedom to provide for their family; the freedom of time to enjoy those important moments in life, and the freedom to purse their passions and aspirations.

• Entrepreneurs need to have a sense of vision of where it is they are today to where they want to be five, ten, twenty years from now. Vision is a tool that allows you to see your own future, ahead of others around you; allowing us to aid you in building the road map that will get you there.

My Home State: I hail from the “Garden State,” New Jersey. The New Jersey state flag yields the motto “Liberty and Prosperity,” rights bestowed upon us by the United States Constitution. I live in a state rich deep in legacy of famous minds such the likes of inventor(s) Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and John Stevens, with my office located in Ogdensburg, not far from the site of some of their most valuable contributions to society. I feel anyone who is willing accept the responsibilities associated with the lifestyle of being an entrepreneur should have a fair and equal opportunity at achieving success; since it is entrepreneurs who contribute to so much our nation’s value. But let’s face it; the reality is that the economic and geo-political climate in which you operate your business is far from equal or fair. The road blocks you will encounter are put their in place to assure your failure. If you have a ground breaking technology, product, service, or are doing something that is not in-line with status quo, chances are you will face many uphill battles. There will be skeptics, naysayers, doubters’, all who want to see you fail. That is why you will need my help. Not only will I be your advocate and cheerleader, I will share with you lessons learned, how I overcame such challenges. You have heard the expression, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” I will leverage my relationships to assist you in accelerating sales; align you with the right clients, suppliers-vendors, and strategic partners; and work with you to develop a long term plan, putting the odds of success in your favor.

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